Private House Refurb – Worthing

A newly acquired private house in Worthing was being refurbished and the owner was looking to have the benefit and comfort of air conditioning in his four upstairs bedrooms as well as being able to do away with the additional cost and hassle of radiators. In other words all year round climate control through single units.

An additional consideration was that a loft conversion is also planned within the next five years. This ruled out a ducted system.
The solution was to fit Fujitsu LM wall mounted units in each room, on outside walls, so that the pipework could run into the loft and around the corners of the loft space to ensure they would not interfere with the future development.

The pipes were all run through the loft onto the front side corner of the property where they we run to the ground in a six inch black soil pipe. This improved the aesthetic of the job and was in keeping with the existing black drain pies.

The pipes were run to a four way multi condenser, by selecting a Fujitsu Multi Condenser were we able to keep the design of the system to one Condenser unit ensuring that the outside unit could be installed  in an area where it would not be too obtrusive.

We selected Fujitsu LM wall mounted units as they are rated  Class A for energy efficiency and have a low noise setting of below 23dba when on fully power – normal operation can be as low as 18dba. All four units have their own wireless remote control and can be  independently set. The Fujitsu LM range has a 10degc heat setting that means  if a room is not in use, as in this case a spare bedroom, the unit will go into ‘sleep mode’ and will only turn on if the room temperature goes below 10 degs C When required, maximum airflow may be selected which typically achieves the desired temperature within 10 minutes. This is far more rapid and energy efficient compared to conventional heating with radiators, so where in the past significant cost has been incurred heating parts of the house that are not in use, lower fuel bills will result.

The customer was absolutely delighted with the work and particularly pleased with the effort made to disguise the work from the outside of the property.