Maintenance Program for Air Conditioning

Invest in a Polar Fridge LLP service call or maintenance program and our technician will carry out  38 actions:

1 Lay dust sheets 20 Test electrical safety controls
2 Clean the air filters 21 Check isolator switch
3 Check mouldings and louvres 22 Check anti vibration mountings
4 Inspect condensate drain pipes 23 Check interconnecting cables
5 Check blower fan scroll 24 Check for unusual vibration
6 Lubricate indoor fan motor 25 Check all pipe connections
7 Clean condensate drain pan 26 Remove debris from condenser
8 Check heat exchanger coils 27 Check reversing valve
9 Inspect drains for water flow 28 Check pressure switches
10 Test thermocoupler 29 Inspect cabinet for corrosion
11 Check calibration of thermostat 30 Visually inspect pipe connections
12 Analyse voltage difference 31 Check condensate pump
13 Check air distribution 32 Inspect fixing bolts for security
14 Check operation of louvres 33 Test in cooling & Heating mode
15 Check controller operation 34 Inspect pipework fixings
16 Check for damage 35 Inspect all interconnecting pipes
17 Check blower fan blades 36 Check superheat
18 Lubricate external fan motors 37 Inspect electrical connections
19 Clean cover & oscillating louvres 38 Test system with customer

Regular maintenance on air con and refrigeration equipment will result in:

Lower running costs

Longer equipment life

Increased comfort