Installed Air Conditioning

Installing Air ConditioningRefrigerant based systems, often referred to as DX (Direct Expansion), are by far the most efficient, cheapest and most energy efficient form of air conditioning and generally operate split or multi-split systems.

There are many benefits to having a heat pump air conditioner installed.  A heat pump will provide you with energy efficient heat all through winter, and come summer will cool your home effectively.

If you suffer from asthma, a heat pump can help by reducing the relative humidity of the room, and filtering out dust particles and other allergens by trapping them inside the air filters. Reducing the humidity makes it easier to breathe and also makes the room feel less ’stuffy’.

Air-conditioning2Heat pumps are also child friendly as there are no open flames or hot heating elements. Most heat pumps are mounted high on the wall or hidden away so the prying little fingers of children cannot get inside.

Most air conditioners today are ’split type’ inverter heat pumps. A ’split type’ air conditioner basically means you have an indoor and outdoor unit with pipework connecting the two.  An inverter heat pump means that the compressor speed is varied by the use of a DC inverter and speed drive. This enables the compressor to slow down in speed to maintain a constant temperature rather than cycling between full capacity and switching off every 10 to 15 minutes.  Always opt for the inverter type heat pump as it will save you money on energy.

An electric heater converts electricity into heat, whereas a heat pump simply transfers heat from one source to another. This means that you can have heating or cooling by moving heat into or out of your room, it also means that heat pumps are very energy efficient as they can transfer up to 4kW of heat into your home for every 1kW of power used. Compare that to an electric heater that only generates 1kW of heat for every 1kW of power used.


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