Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

Hydrocarbons are natural, non-toxic, non ozone depleteing replacements for CFC refrigerants, HFC and HCFC refrigerant gases and are:

  • Safe to use with proper handling
  • highly efficient, reducing energy use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • able to replace CFC R12; CFC R22 and HFC R134a refrigerants in existing systems without components or oils having to be changed
  • economical – low purchase price as well as lower sytem running costs

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Safety

Like many commonly used commodities such as petrol, natural gas and electricity, the use of HC refrigerants requires common sense and observance of adequate safety procedures. It is important to understand the volume of hydrocarbon refrigerant involved in refrigeration system applications, a small refrigerator contains about an eggcup full.

In all application HC refrigerants are much safer for the consumer than chemical refrigerants, most of which degrade producing toxic bi-products following accidental release in the presence of an adaquate heat source

There is overwhelming evidence of the environmental benefits and safety of HC refrigerants

The most significant point to be made is that there is a total lack of technical evidence to refute the case for Hydrocarbon refrigerants