Coyotes Nightclub Heating Issues

A club in Sussex came to us to help them resolve an issue they had with noise complaints late at night. Too many of their customers were moving out of the club and into their outside/smoking area to cool off. When the club was full the temperature inside was reaching extremely uncomfortable levels. The result of too many customers outside was a significant rise in noise levels which had led to complaints.

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We calculated that a fairly hefty 20kw of cooling would be required. Taking into account the size and layout of the club we installed two 10kw Panasonic Wall units, one covering the dance floor and one covering the bar.  These units were ‘linked’ so that a consistent temperature was achieved throughout the club.
The result has been significant and the customer delighted with the cooler atmosphere in the club, which has had led to far less customers going outside and greatly reduces the chances of future noise complaint issues.