Air Conditioning Install at Business in Paddock Wood

A business in Paddock Wood came to us with a dual requirement.

Tonbridge and Malling-20131112-00133

Firstly they wanted us to refit a 10kw Daikin wall mounted unit into their main office. Because we had done the original removal of the indoor unit, the gas had been ‘stored’ correctly in the condenser and this was completed fairly simply by extending the existing copper pipes and wiring, and rehanging the unit into a new position.

The second requirement was very specific. The company were setting up a showroom for antique musical instruments and it was important to maintain a constant temperature in the room where the instruments were to be stored as, for all stringed instruments, this would affect their tuning. Based on the size of the room we calculated and advised a 3.4kw Fujitsu wall mounted unit. These units have an ‘Auto Changeover Function’ which will automatically change the unit from cooling function to heating and vice versa according to the set temperature and room temperature. This is key for example in the Spring when there may be cold nights where heating is required and warm days when cooling will be required.

The work was completed in just over a day and the customer was delighted with the result.